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Mike Beard
Lets you successfully throw a faster disc than you should

To tell the truth, I don't have an 11 speed arm. Maybe speed 8 on a good day (75-85 metres). But, with a level throw I can turnover a 149g Fission Wave, get a nice s-shape from a 155g, and a 171g is straight with a decent fade. And the 10 metres that I gain with a Wave over a fairway driver can make all the difference. But you are messing with an understable distance driver so be aware of the wind 'cos even a 171g can fairly easily become a turnover in a moderate headwind.

The other plastics that I have tried Waves in have all been overstable, though I have only managed to find a few in the 160s. Also, a Fission Wave was my only disc to really suffer from a few days playing at Mijas and go from s-curve to turnover, so they do beat in relatively quickly. On the other hand, my 171g Fission Wave has hit a decent number of trees and is still generally overstable for me.

Brilliant disc. Perfect for your first foray into 11 speed distance drivers.

Love the Wave from MVP. The plastic feels very nice, just tacky enough with decent grip in the rain. The gyro technology coupled with the fission plastic makes this an easy disc to get up to (or close to) speed for those with improving arm speeds.

I would say it is fairly neutral to slightly understable, when released flat (RHBH) is has a natural S-shaped flight with a subtle turn the the right before finishing softly to the left. Having said this it will hold any heavier hyzer/anhyzer angles. The rim feels lovely for forehands too. Can also be used for shorter skip shots.

Highly recommend, will definitely be trying some more MVP/Axiom discs in the future.


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