Rachel Turton

Joined Team: 2021
Manufacturer Sponsor:
 Prodigy Disc

Player Bio:
Rachel Turton has been dominating the UK scene since she started playing back in 2020.

Having been a dedicated, decorated Ultimate athlete playing at the highest level. Rachel bought that same dedication to disc golf.

Winning every British Nationals title since she started, getting sponsored by Prodigy, winning events on the European Pro Tour and now competing in the DGPT, it's nothing but exciting times for Rachel.

We will always be her biggest cheerleaders!!! FTUT!!

  • Achievements:
    🏆 2023 EPT Turku Open Champion
    🏆 2023 EPT Tynni Open Champion
    🏆 2023 ET Konopiste Open Champion
    🏆 2022 EPT Copenhagen Open Champion
    🏆 2022 EPT All Stars Champion
    🏆🏆🏆 3x British Champion (2021, 2022 & 2023)
    🥏 European Ultimate Champion
    🥏🥏 2x National Ultimate Champion

Josh Birmingham

Joined Team: 2021
Manufacturer Sponsor:

Player Bio:
After moving from Georgia to the UK, JB quickly picked up disc golf in 2019 and he was one of the first players that Ace really got behind and supported.

Since then, we have had many tournaments together making a lot of our favourite memories.

Being a major part of the Croydon Disc Golf Club. Josh has run many Sunday leagues dubbed as The Sunday Service, along with TD'ing some major competitions at Lloyd Park, the home of disc golf at Croydon.

Even after becoming a Dad, Josh will continue being a force to be reckoned with.

  • Achievements:
    🇬🇧 Captained GB at the 2023 European Disc Golf Championships
    🇬🇧 Represented GB at the 2022 WFDF World Teams Event
    🏆 2022 Croydon Mistral Champion
    🏆 2022 Wembley Open Champion
    🏆 2021 NDO Champion
    🏆 2021 Croydon Mistral Champion
    🏆 2020 Battle at Boomtown Champion (MA1)

Jamie Matthews

Joined Team: 2021
Manufacturer Sponsor:
 Prodigy Disc

Player Bio:
Jamie Matthews was on track to be the best player in the country until a disc golf ending achilles injury put a stop to it all.

Before then, there were promising tournaments played in Europe showing that he could compete with the best.

With Jamie now settling down with family life, he is finding that he doesn't have enough time to commit to disc golf as is needed to reach the level he wants.

  • Achievements:
    🏆 2021 British Open Champion

Oliver Harris

Joined Team: 2022
Manufacturer Sponsor:

Player Bio:
Oliver Harris, also known as Jill to his friends, has done so much for disc golf in the Loughborough area and for the University disc golf scene.

Jill is the main driving force behind getting the University of Loughborough to install a course on campus, he runs the disc golf club and he founded the BDGA University Championships which is now a feeder into the US Collegiate Disc Golf Championships.

Jill rightly got picked up by Prodiscus in 2023 and has been working with them to promote and represent Prodiscus throughout the UK.

  • Achievements:
    🇬🇧 Representing GB at the 2024 College Disc Golf National Championships at Rock Hill, South Carolina, US
    🏆🏆 2022 & 2023 BDGA University Champion
    🏅 2021 Croydon Cyclone Champion (MA2)

Ben Holding

Joined Team: 2023
Manufacturer Sponsor:
 Launch Disc Golf

Player Bio:
Ben Holding, remember that name. He is one of the most exciting British players hitting the European Pro Tour and he'll be a force to be reckoned with.

With a mature decision to step away from Sponsorship to focus on his tournament mental game, we can't wait to see the player than Ben develops into.

Mark our words, he's going to crush..

  • Achievements:
    🏆 2023 Essex Open Champion
    🏆 2023 Croydon Mistral Champion
    🏆 2022 Quarry Park Open Champion
    🇬🇧 Represented GB at the 2023 European Junior Disc Golf Championships

Rachel Ireland-Jones

Joined Team: 2021

Player Bio:
Rachel Ireland-Jones affecteonality called Jaffa by the Team.

Being a multi-sport athlete, Jaffa picked up a few big injuries whilst playing ultimate but still went on to have an incredible time graduating from her Masters Degree, find a home with Mr Jaffa and finding a job within the robotics industry.

It's nothing but up from here on out for Jaffa.

  • Achievements: 
    🥇 2021 FA2 Croydon Cyclone Champion
    🥇 2021 FA2 NDO Champion

Max Humphries

Joined Team: 2021

Player Bio:
Max is a massive character within the community loved by all. He bags the most amount of first run Kastaplast I've ever seen.

With Max wanting to push himself more mentally and physically, he has moved towards training and competing in triathlons with an eye on an Ironman.

We will always be cheering you on, go get it buddy..

  • Achievements: 
    🥇 2021 Winter Mini MODS - Quarry Park (MA4)


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