Shryke 2021 Lisa Fajkus Tour Series Star

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Scotty P
Feels great in the hand

Great controlled distance driver. Can stand it up on a hyzer release for that straight tunnel shot

Steve Lokie
More understable than advertised

I bought this because I was looking for a replacement for my Halo Shryke which was fairly overstable. Seeing the -1 Turn as opposed to most Shrykes have a -2 I was intrigued and given most pro series discs tend to be overstable I thought I'd give it a shot. Well I love the disc but it isn't a replacement for my more stable Halo. It's slightly flippier than my Champion Shryke and has got away from me a couple times in a head wind. That being said, it's got a great flight. I can throw it on a slight hyzer and it will flip up to straight and hold it for quite awhile before consistently hyzering out and the end of its flight. It didn't fill the spot in my bag I was looking for but filled a spot I didn't even know I needed.

Chris Staddon
When it flies, it FLIES

The fade is so constant, you can pretty much land it where you want it to. And the rolls you can achieve are an added bonus. Word of caution though - if you can chuck a disc far, then this one will sail off into the sunset (especially if the wind's behind you).

Jamie Flute
Better than I thought...

Great disc but the rim was wider than I like especially for 12 speed, , however, it flew exactly as I wanted too! 350 on point thanks ace as always speedy nice and the sweets and message is alwaysa treat 👍 ✌❤

Martin Pham
Good disc, but beats in to flippy

Its a great flying disc, but after a while it becomes very flippy.


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