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Gareth King
Literally the truth

I've tried loads of mids, other than a black zombie Shotgun which I clearly can't replace easily, this is the one that fits the slightly overstable slot. More so than Roc3. Love them

I never knew I needed this until I threw it

DO NOT BELIEVE THE NUMBERS. After using zones, roc3s, trusts I looked at the flight numbers and disregarded this quite quickly.

Little did I know this was the neutral mid I've been hunting for, this flies much closer to a Buzzz but without the bead/concave leading edge. You don't need to beat it in to get the flip and the plastic gives fantastic grip in all conditions with.

Even if this get's more flippy I'd count myself lucky and will start cycling it through the bag for sure!

Adam Keen
It's a legit Buzzz-killer (Lucid Plastic Update)

Short update to my fuller review (below) for the Lucid Version: Everything pretty much holds true when fresh out of the box. However, the Lucid seasons much quicker than the Fuzion and gets noticeably flippier in hot weather as the plastic softens. Probably useful if you like bagging different-flying multiples of the same mold (e.g. Prime, Lucid, Fuzion and Lucid-X in order of stability).

When it comes to the very best midranges, people get properly tribal about which one is the best. So the hot take is whether any disc can rightly topple the Buzzz, and I reckon the Emac Truth has a fair claim. Obviously, they are neck and neck on just about every measure - stability, distance, handfeel, etc. - but the edge for me is what happens to the disc over time, and for a variety of plastic types (except perhaps some of the super-stiff Ledgestone drops which I have never tried but are by reputation some of the toughest plastic ever used by Discraft) the Buzzz loses its reliability faster than the EMT.

The key risk for me with neutral midranges is being unexpectedly flipped over, especially on downhill drives where the wind just loves to shove glidey discs sideways. And so you really want the neutral midrange - which you have presumably invested hundreds of throws beating in to get it flying "just so" - to remain reliable for as long as possible, and the Fuzion or Fuzion-X plastic just keeps that window open for much longer than the Discraft Z plastic and ESP. It may even be the shape of the disc that contributes to the stability because I have a Prime EMT which is dented all to hell and still flies properly!


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