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Tim Smith
Favourite Overstable Driver!

The plastic on this feels great! So far only used this disc into a headwind, where when thrown flat is straight to slightly turned before having a strong, dependable fade to the left (just what I want!). When my arm speed increases/I beat it in more I imagine I'll be able to throw the Rive on flex lines/flat without the winds help! Also had lots of success with skip shots (particularly hole 6 at Fairways!) Would definitely recommend!

Matt Parslow
No Rive-als

Insanely grippy plastic and a disc that is dependably stable out the box make this the perfect distance bomber in regular or windy conditions. I use it for anny forehands and it goes!

Go-To Distance Driver

Love this disc and have bought two which have been consistent. Disc of choice for controlled distance. I normally throw it ~95m. There is no turn and it holds straight for the majority of its flight before a nice fade.

Adam Keen
Like a Boss, but better! Comes out of the hand with buttery smoothness.

Throwable 13 speeds don't come around that often, and a flippy Star plastic Boss has been in my bag for a while now because it is a classic OS max distance driver for a reason. I was lucky to grab a couple of First Run Rives and after just a couple of months of beating in, they have pushed the Boss out of the bag, except for when it is a very windy day. The hand feel of the disc is everything that is advertised, smooth-edged and grippy even when damp. Where it really shines is its workability. I can hyzerflip it at max power, or I can anhyzer bomb it into the sky, and it eats up the distance properly, fading hard every time. On control lines I can hit 125m with accuracy, and I have maxed it out at 140m on a distance line. I have also been trying it out as a skip approach disc, but haven't cracked that move yet! :-/


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