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Benoit G.
Friendly disc

First time trying the Falk K1 and first Kastaplast disc in my set. It is a very forgiving disc that has a great glide and trajectory. Beginners may appreciate this disc a lot!

Leander Mock

Love this disc really nice feel to the plastic and just a joy to throw really nice flight and fantastic distance to just park it on the fairway or next to the pin. Has abit more about it that the lots for me and was surprised at how good it feels and reacts to what you want it to do. Highly recommend 👌

Stephen Hasley-Mead
Great disc

As a new player the K1 Falk has been a perfect driver for me. It’s very forgiving and I’ve found that I’m able to get the best S flight pattern with this compared to other drivers I’ve used.


Great disc, I throw forehand and it works really well as under stable does not have the big fade to the right at the end of the flight. Good for mid to longer range shots.

Adam Keen
A Faster River, in Juicier Plastic. Good, but not Perfect.

SO MANY people love the Falk I find it almost redundant to comment, but here I go anyway ... Full Disclosure: Throwing understable discs is not exactly my Go-To move, but I have been actively investigating the genre as sometimes, when the wind isn't a factor, there is at least an aesthetic preference for throwing a flip-up-to-turnover BH round the corner, instead of boosting a FH driver with maximum grunt. Also, the [ahem] older player does appreciate the occasional relief from FH elbow stress.

The TLDR is in the title of the review, and that may be all you need to see. But why then only 4 stars? Well, after a couple of months now trying these lines, I am working out the theses that it is better to throw a beat-in stable disc than a new understable disc for your turnovers. The Falk, for me, is a turnover disc straight out of the box. Competing for the job are slightly seasoned versions of a domey SPZ3, and some Lots and River Pros. And the Falk is not winning.

Why not? Well, the simplest answer is that while I can carve really lovely turnovers out to 350 feet with the Falk, that is almost the only thing I get to do with it. More so the longer it beats in.

With the other discs, I can deepen my hyzer angles and get a straightish flip-up out to silly-far distances, like 400+ feet on the Lots. The SPZ3 is also capable of soaking up a bit of FH torque for a 300 foot gap hit. And the River Pro ... well, that's a whole separate review on that disc waiting to happen.

But the Falk is a bit of a 1 hit wonder for me. Catchy, with a great hook (at around mid-flight, it simply catches the turn and keeps on going, but put it high or else it will just burn out ugly), but not particularly versatile at the 9-speed slot.


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