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2023 Ace & DGUK Merger FAQ's

, by Adam Mackrory, 5 min reading time

During the 2022 Christmas break, we were hard at work.

It’s been hard to not say this sooner, but we are excited to announce that Ace has now merged with Disc Golf Distribution (Disc Golf U.K. & Launch Disc Golf) 🚀

It’s not everyday you get the opportunity to bring together a set of companies that do some many great things, and complement each other so well!
We’ve now got the opportunity, talent, capabilities and experience to really fuel disc golf growth in the U.K.
Don’t fear, the awesome things about Ace you love at not going to change. Your great experience will remain an integral part of our DNA. You’ll only see more manufacturers, more stock availability, more opportunities and more content!!!
Although we’ve only been merged for a short time it already feels like a family, and we cannot be more excited to fuel the growth of our game.

Answering your Questions!!

We've been asked many amazing questions, so to save everyone some time, we have a list of answers below. Feel free to reach out if you still have any other questions you'd like answered :)

Is the Ace store closing down?
Absolutely not, Ace Disc Golf is here to stay!

What is changing at Ace?
Very valid question. We’ve worked very very hard to make sure there is minimal interruption to Ace. We’ve managed to keep our services and benefits consistent before the merger.

What is exciting, are the benefits we can add to Ace now we are under the Disc Golf Distribution umbrella.

There are only some minor differences that you will start to see:
-There will be a different return address on our shipping labels
-Start to see a different receiving PayPal company when paying by PayPal
-For the time being all shipping will now be on a priority shipment for the same price as our standard shipping option”

But otherwise, great service and experience are at the CORE of our DNA. This will always remain unchanged!

But, what about the sweets... will I still get some with my order?
ABSOLUTELY. We'd never deprive you of the delicious sweets!

What about my gift cards, loyalty points, warranties?
This will all remain unchanged and honoured.

Are you moving your warehouse?
Yes, and great news, the move has already happened. It was the reason for our lengthy 2 week Christmas break.

One of the benefits of the merger is we’ve been able to consolidate operations into one place. Bubba will no longer be picking and packing orders and will be focusing on a more content focused role in 2023.

This does mean Bubba won’t be around to write messages on your orders from here on out, but he will be visiting the warehouse on a regular basis to lend a helping hand and he’ll be in full message writing mode when he is there.. 

What will Bubba be doing now?
Bubba is now going to be taking Ace marketing to the NEXT level. Expect to see lots more exciting content (including videos) as the year goes on. You'll be seeing a lot more of him!

Who will be packing our Ace orders?
The amazing Rachel from DGUK will be doing double duty picking and packing both your Ace and DGUK orders, continuing with all your Ace benefits you have come to love:

-Vegan sweets
-Branded packaging
-Customer service
-Tracked shipping
-Tree planted with every order.

Who will be managing customer service?
Bubba and Cooper will still be managing a lot of customer service emails, you will now see Rachel come into the customer service team and answer emails too.

Can we combine our Ace and DGUK orders into one package?
Not yet…We are in the exploration stage to see if this is possible. If we are able to implement this, you’ll be the first to know.

Are we able to pick up or go see the Ace store in person?
Another great benefit will be Ace customers can now visit the store and pick up their order in store. This will not be available from the outset, but we will let you know when you can come visit the store. Please be patient whilst we work hard getting all of these extra benefits in place for you.

Are we still getting photos of every disc on the Ace website?
100% YES!!! This isn’t going anywhere, this is a primary reason Ace is where they are today and we don’t plan to stop taking photos of all of our products we stock.

What happens to Team Ace?
Team Ace is unchanged, the whole team is still sponsored and competing, actually, we have a new member to announce!! You’ll hear more in February.

How much control does Ace have over future decisions?
Full control. We are now partial owners of Disc Golf Distribution and have already been discussing the value we can add with Richard Hatton and Dan Hunter. This merger is about taking the best parts of our capabilities, experience and infrastructure to create something amazing!
We are very excited for the future and it is safe to say, we are already contributing to DGD and we are also learning a lot from both Richard and Dan. The future is bright and full of awesome.

What does the future look like?
Ridiculously exciting. As a group, we are in a strong position to fuel the growth of disc golf in the UK! There are already awesome ideas in the pipeline, plans to massively ramp up stock availability on the Ace store, and synergies for how each company can work to complement each other.

For right now, our key priority is to ensure minimal disruption during this transition, but there may be some teething issues.

If you have any issues at all or if you have any other questions that aren’t answered above please get in touch, via hello@acediscgolf.co.uk and we will do everything we can to resolve your query

Thank you so much for your continued support, we cannot wait to take this operation to the next level, and add some amazing value to the whole UK community.

Stay Awesome
Bubba, Cooper, Dan, Hatton, Mikey, Swede, Willis

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