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A must have for your tournament rounds!

Whenever I play a new course, I always struggle to gauge distance. With this I know exactly what disk to use to get to the mark. Obviously you’ll need to spend time with your bag to figure out how to reach various distances consistently but once you do, this thing becomes absolutely essential. Using this in practice rounds helps me to learn how best to attack the pin and using it in tournament rounds has saved me vital strokes. It always helps me to pick the right disk... absolutely love this thing.


Lightweight and good tool to take on the course or practice field

I've been reading distance all wrong

Before using the Bushnell, I always thought that I had a good read on distance... I was wrong!

The amount of times I think that's 60m, but it 70 is staggering! It is so easy to over or underestimate distance once you're further than 40-50m out, especially without points of reference. That is the difference between a 5m and a 15m putt, and I KNOW which one is more likely to go in!!!

I do not use it for every shot on the course, but for the moments where the shot counts, or I am really doubting the distance, this really helps me to dial in and make sure I know what I need to throw. It's also then helped my fieldwork and link the shots/discs that I need to use to HIT those distances too. I'll just set my bag up, walk away 40, 50, 60, 70, 80m etc, use my Bushnell to make sure that it is the right distance, and spend some time throwing different shots and seeing which land consistently close to my bag.

So strongly recommended for people who're looking to add another layer of consistency to their game.

James Crocker
Great tool, even for a beginner.

I picked up one of these after seeing another player use one on a casual round. Double checking the distance of a new tee position and finding uDisc out by 12m he changed up disc selection and parked a Hyzer bomb.

Now I myself am not that at that level of control in my game, but I have found the rangefinder helpful in recent play.

It is surprising how often I am further away from the pin that I originally thought, and have then changed disc selection for the approach and found it easier to get closer.

Also the elevation measure has been really useful too as often a rolling slope doesn't actually raise as high as I thought, so I have found myself throwing nose up less often.

It is definitely an investment, but I am glad I picked one up and look forward to utilising it more in improving my game.


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