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Chris Bamford
New Fave Driver

Lovely plastic and love the addition to my bag

Adam Keen
Paige put her signature on it, and McBeth can't live without it, so why don't I love it?

I have tried this in ESP, Z plastic and FLX, and each time I hoped for Cupid's arrow to strike it has simply failed to do so. With arguably the two greatest MPO and FPO players of all time bagging this disc and making it dance to their whims on some of the toughest courses in the world (McBeth in particular seems to have this dialed on hyzers, flip ups and turnovers), why don't I love it?

Well, let's run a check against other 9-speed distance fairways that I do love: Thunderbird (flattish top, and OS marquee classic), Getaway (glidey, stable to OS, sneaky distance secret weapon), Valkyrie (neutral but windproof, in spite of its numbers); SPZ3 (sharper and flatter, feels faster, great FH driver, but not really a shaper's disc); Escape (slimmer, flatter, and most similar to the Undertaker when new).

The Undertaker is the domiest of the bunch, which is instantly a challenge if you like your forehands. When driving hard and flat it is more vulnerable to a crosswind flippage than I would expect, needing some care to ensure you don't accidentally overturn it. Where it really shines, though, is on big hyzer drives at 90% power, which stand-up to almost flat, corving a lazy but reliable arc to a landing pinpoint that is easy to trust out to 400+ feet, but ... the Thunderbird and Getaway can do this just as well, and are better for battling the wind.

As for turnovers, I find a worn in ESP the best for shaping them, with the FLX being waaay too understable and prone to th-rolling over, and the Z needing a magician's touch to catch the right angles to avoid stalling out. In any case, I would prefer the Valkyrie or the Escape for the job.

So, I can only conclude that the problem lies with me, and I just don't have the skill needed to unlock the deadly superpowers of the Undertaker at a level where I should bag it like a World Champion. Indeed, a thundering shock ... :-/


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