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Adam Keen
Good for intermediates looking to stretch for distance, but a Hyzer-only disc for faster arms

My first throws with a Trespass instantly kicked off the audio reel in my head labelled "Flight Numbers Are Bullsh*t". 12/5/-0.5/3 is what I'd give a Pro-plastic or beat up Star Destroyer. The Trespass ain't it. If I was to locate it in a somewhat arbitrary spectrum of similarly numbered 12-speeds, it would probably run [stable] Star Destroyer > Guld > Pro Destroyer > Grym-X > Enigma > Trespass > Grym [understable].

All the same, I wouldn't exactly call it a bad disc: in its favour are a flat-top and fuss-free rim, and some serious glide. If I dial it down to a 340-360 foot throw, it shows a nice flip up to turn and a decent fade. Any longer than that requires a commitment to exploring ever deeper hyzer angles until you get something that won't forget to fade back into line. If you wanted a max distance disc then I can see how the Trespass might help you get to those GG/Lizotte style sky-anny bombers, but it's a bit random whether you'll get it on the right angle. I think 1-in-10 throws got me past 450 feet, but with a landing spot dispersion radius of about 130 feet, which is not what I would call good golf!

I'd call it a decent set of training wheels if you are working up to Destroyer-style lines from sub-300 foot max distance. I you are a dedicated hyzer-er (like most ultimate frisbee crossover players) then it might also work well for you as its high-speed flippiness mitigates some of the nose-up releases you might still be making.

For an advanced thrower, it's maybe a forehand bomber, uphill cheater, or a tailwind special. And even in those cases, I could think of better molds for the job. In Lucid plastic, I'd bag it only on a utility basis, if at all.

stephen scott
Nice grip

Feels great good grip


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