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Great for mid to low arm speed

Bought this as my second distance driver. Found it as a great step up from the Astronaught as my arm speed has increased. I throw it about 80 meters which seems to be enough power to go straight with a consistent finish. I think this a great distance driver to grow into but I think its a lot more understable than the numbers say or I wouldn't be able to throw it

Adam Keen
5 stars for the mid-speed arm, but 3 stars for the power thrower

If I were ever going to do those distance competitions where you are throwing downwind and downhill, and I need to hyzerflip a Gareth Gurthie sort of line that ends up gliding right from a high apex turnover in the hope of a late fade to 500+ feet, then OK, the Grym makes the cut. I could also use it (on a fair weather day) to push a forehand past 110m on a flat throw that catches a high-speed turn. But I would be worried the whole time about an unfortunate gust of wind which could push it off course or flip it right over. Granted, the solution is probably to power down and throw about 70% to get the right sort of flight from it, but that requires a fair bit of touch on a disc this glidey, and isn't really my kind of fun. Naturally, I have nothing but lovely things to say about the manufacturing quality of the disc, as Kastaplast never disappoints on their Quality Control, but for this class of disc I much prefer a Dismania DDx or Enigma, or perhaps a Lat 64 Havoc, with its sudden - but predictable - high-speed turn.

Jaimie X
Suits you sir!

I like a Grym, max boff with my weany arm works well with this disc for hyzer holes. Good flight and consistent finish, but not for everyone.

More US than expected

I thought this might be a replacement for a destroyer-type driver, but this is much more understable - similar to a Hades.


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