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Close to a Sexton Firebird, but much more workable. Oh, also half the cost!

First the caveats ... for whatever reason manufacturers seem to struggle with consistency when it comes to sharp-edged drivers (see: Innova Destroyers) and the Felon is no exception. You can get some serious variants from puddle top to full on pop-top domeyness. Clearly, the board-flat versions (or perhaps the ones with tiniest hint of a dome) are the ones to bid for. They just feel "right".

On a side by side with the Sexton, the Felon is a little thinner on the grip and a little wider on the plate, so will probably suit the average hand better than if you have giant catcher's mitts. For handfeel, I prefer the thinner rim for a cleaner release.

In the air, I think the Felon is by far the more workable disc. The Sexton is legendary for good reasons, but you really need to have the snap at a decently high level to shape it. The Felon is more forgiving, and I would suggest it has a better intermediate player's choice for Overstable 9-speeds.

The real joy of the Felon is the seasoning/cycling process because they beat up beautifully into very useful stages of stability. My oldest version is a flip up fairway that takes me out to 115m (BH) while maintaining a lot of confidence in the low speed fade, then I have a slightly more seasoned BioFuzion that is the straight flying windfighter that digs in at about 100m, and a Tour Series Fuzion-X that leaks Bovril when you squeeze it.

On the FH side, the clean releasing rim helps minimise torque flutter and the 0.5 turn really soaks up the anhyzer release for the S-lines utility. Oh, and it skips like a stabbed wallaby on the slightest of angles.

When Eric Oakley left Dynamic to go open bag with Infinite, it never really crossed his mind to take the Felon out of the bag. It is a high-confidence workhorse of disc and priced very reasonably compared to the sexier competition (Firebird, Draco, Flare, Raptor) so give it a chance!


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