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james bond

Absolutely love this disc, from the plastic to the fight, it’s a special one… long straight flight with a slight fade… just brilliant

Shaun Coleman
Grate disc

Day glow dammm

Is the real Enigma: "why do no Discmania Pros bag it?"

Made by Lat64, the NEO plastic is pure smoothy goodness, like a slightly stiffer Opto. A comfy rim size, flattish dome and medium depth makes the Enigma tough to hate when it comes to hand feel. Discmania calls it a "stable distance driver", which I interpret to mean "for intermediate and not power throwers". I say that mainly because it still hooks up like a destroyer when thrown for less than 375 feet without much of a turn. But if you power into it on a 400+ flat throw a substantial high speed turn will appear before a gentler fade. Whack it out to 430+ and that fade pushes much more forward. At 450+ the high speed turn really kicks in and the fade feels like a relief when it arrives. But these are just your flat throws ... the Enigma can do more!
The essential joys of a "stable" driver are the shot-shaping opportunities. With modest adjustments to the release angles, I find the Enigma very workable for high anny drives that pan out in a big lazy S-shapes without forgetting to fade back in line (DDX, Grym, Tern ... I'm looking at you with full side-eyes!), and also a cool golf-line option on max distance hyzer flips. I guess you could throw them on extreme control hyzer distance lines, although I can think of many other better options that carry a Fade 3, but maybe the Enigma gets you a higher ceiling height on the power hyzer, if you need it.
The price you pay for workability is a questionable trust level when it comes to headwind shots. Then again, what kind of idiot throws a Fade 2, 12 speed into a headwind? Another "enigma" perhaps ...
But say you have a tailwind, or a slight uphill fairway, and you want to slap it hard for a good 450+ feet on a micro-hyzer to flat throw without worrying about a slashing fade left ... well, then the Enigma is exactly what you want! It will carry, and carry, and carry for a very long way on a very straight line before an easy fade to the ground. It gets even better at this after a couple of hundred throws of seasoning.
Finally, I should mention it provides a sneaky cheat code for noodle sidearms that want to stretch their drives out a little further than their Destroyers can reach. The flattish profile is very sidearm friendly, allowing a good sense of angle control, and the 5 glide+12 speed combo gives it just enough glide+torque resistance to hit 300 feet even on a mid-speed release.


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