• 12 Speed
  • 5 Glide
  • -1 Turn
  • 3 Fade


DD3 S-line

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The DD3 has the ability to be the go-to distance driver for disc golfers of all levels. The strongest arms will see a little bit of turn, but the DD3 will easily stand up to the even the strongest throws. For those who don’t have quite the pro-level strength, expect the DD3 to have a little movement to really carve out a great flight.

While heading down the fairway, the glide of the DD3 is head turning. As it hits the fairway, the DD3 will get into the highest gear and move. Let it rip and the DD3 will do the work.

At the end of the flight, the fade will be reliable. Lower arm speeds will see a strong fade to close out the flight while those with a little more power will be able to control things with ease.

This isn’t a disc just for backhands though. Don’t shy away from a forehand throw with the DD3. It won’t back down.

If you’re a fan of a beat in PD2, this can do it right out of the box. We’ll make a prediction: disc golf bags everywhere will have the DD3 as their go-to distance driver before the end of the year.

  • MODEL: DD3
  • PLASTIC: S-Line
  • Speed Glide Turn Fade
    12 5 -1 3


Flight Chart

Discmania Originals 2019 Flight Chart