• 7 Speed
  • 6 Glide
  • -1 Turn
  • 1 Fade


Special Edition Luster FD (C-line)

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The Discmania FD (Fairway Driver) in a special edition Luster C-line plastic.

These Luster FD's are some of the longest flying FD’s made to date. These firm and pearly Luster C-line FD's feature a slightly higher dome than usual, that gives this disc and amazing glide!

These discs represent the 2nd specialty run made with the FD on Luster C-line material. The first run of Luster FD's quickly sold out as Discmania's 10-year anniversary release in late 2016. These 2nd run Lusters were produced in the Fall of 2018 (Late 2018 Run).

The first fairway driver by Discmania was an instant hit as soon as it was released, and to date is still one of our most sold discs. It flies straight like a midrange, but the exceptional glide gives it extra range without sacrificing any lateral accuracy. So don't let the speed 7 fool you, this disc will fly far.

If you are having trouble hitting the fairway with max speed drivers, take a step back, let the glide take you there, and the straight flight will place you in the middle of the fairway.

Good for: Straight fairway drives, turnovers, rollers, for beginners, advanced and pro players alike. 

  • PLASTIC: C-Line
  • Speed Glide Turn Fade
    7 6 -1 1
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