• 9 Speed
  • 4 Glide
  • 0 Turn
  • 3 Fade


FD3 Doom Bird 3 Simon Lizotte Swirly S-line

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It is time for the third edition of one of the most popular signature releases Discmania has ever had. The Discmania Lizotte Swirl S-Line FD3 Doom Bird III is ready to fly! 

With the very popular Swirl S-Line plastic returning for the the third round of the Doom Bird, this run is right in the sweet spot. With a little more give and flex in this run, it is very comfortable to hold and throw. You can really find a great grip which translates to increased confidence on the teepad.

For many players it will be an utility driver that only comes out in specific situations, like in strong headwinds or to cut tight corners. For players with more arm speed, it will hold a straight line for a longer time, before the inevitable fade.

If you are unsure what to do in the wind, the FD3 will be your answer. You can count on it to always do the same thing.

Good for: Beginners and advanced players, headwind drives, hyzer shots, flex shots.

  • MODEL: FD3
  • PLASTIC: S-Line
  • SKILL LEVEL: Beginners
  • Speed Glide Turn Fade
    9 4 0 3
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