• 10 Speed
  • 4 Glide
  • 0 Turn
  • 3 Fade


Dark Maul 2 - Avery Jenkins Signature Colour Glow C-line PD

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Here's probably the most overstable PD in the market with a flat profile and the cool Dark Maul 2 artwork!

Avery Jenkins is known as the 2009 disc golf world champion and one of the top ambassadors of the sport across the globe. Avery is a veteran of Team Discmania and one of his favorite Discmania molds has always been the PD.

“The Dark Maul II is coming back with a fierce attack offering a very predictable overstable flight. It’s a true tribute to the PD’s that we all know and love, a ferocious disc that won’t back down, no matter the conditions. The perfect compliment to the FD allowing for more relentless downfield penetration but more controllable and not as fast as the big brother DD3. This savage bear will make a great addition to every player’s arsenal.” - Avery Jenkins

These PD's mean business. According to Avery, they're extremely torque-resistant and more overstable than the previous run of the Dark Maul. This disc definitely falls in the most overstable end of PD's and Discmania drivers in general. Great for windy days.

Players with a strong arm will see this disc get a full flight with little to no turn and a reliable fade at the end. This stability also makes the Dark Maul II perfect for full power forehands, making this an all around disc that adds a tremendous amount of utility to any player's bag. This run of Colour Glow C-Line PD features a consistently flat top especially when compared side by side with the original Dark Maul.

The Colour Glow C-line plastic material provides just the right amount of grip and durability. The low profile makes these discs perfect for both backhand and sidearm. Worth noting: this run has also white discs in the mix, besides the coloured ones. This plastic also glows in the dark!

These discs mark the second specialty run ever produced of the PD with the popular Colour Glow C-line material. Despite the early 2020 release date, his particular run was produced already in Summer 2019 (Mid 2019 Run).

The PD is perhaps Discmania's most versatile driver, good for many different uses. When new, it is pretty overstable, but in different plastic types and stages of wear it can attack several different lines. It is good for hyzer shots, flicks, S-curves and so on. Many top ranked players in the world have one or more PDs in their bag for different situations.

The PD is widely held to be one of the best all around drivers out there. We can hardly contest that. Can you?

Good for: Long drives, controlled drives, flicks, for advanced and pro players.

  • PLASTIC: Colour Glow C-Line
  • SKILL LEVEL: Advanced
  • Speed Glide Turn Fade
    10 4 0 3
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