• 9 Speed
  • 5 Glide
  • 0 Turn
  • 2 Fade


Jeremy Koling Tour Series Swirly Star Thunderbird (2019)

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9 5 0 2


A Tour Series staple, the Koling Thunderbird comes with probably the coolest stamp we've ever seen on a Thunderbird for the 2019 season!

These discs feature a very durable blend of Star plastic that will ensure a long life for your disc. They also tend to sit on the most overstable end of the Thunderbird family, making them a great choice for sidearms and headwind drives. A substantial portion of each sale will go directly to Big Jerm to assist with his touring efforts.

The Thunderbird comes from strong bloodlines. The stability of a TeeBird with the speed of a Valkyrie. This disc could be best described as a seasoned Firebird, but with less fade. A longer and faster TeeBird also describes the flight path of this disc very well. The Thunderbird is predictable in the wind and a great choice for your new favourite long-range placement driver.

Please note that each disc listed as swirly is unique and colors will vary from disc to disc.

Pro Tip: These 2019 edition Koling Thunderbirds come with a substantially lower profile than the 2018 editions.


  • MODEL: Thunderbird
  • PLASTIC: Star
  • SKILL LEVEL: Beginner
  • Speed Glide Turn Fade
    9 5 0 2
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