Wrapping up the 2018 Off Season News

Wrapping up the 2018 Off Season News

With the 2019 disc golf season about to properly kick off with the Las Vegas Challenge in February, we feel the need to summarise the incredible flood of news that the off season brought us.

The news of McBeth’s move from Innova to Discraft really dominated the off season headlines, especially after Ricky Wysocki announced his 5 year contract with Innova. As much as this excites us, we aren’t going to bore you anymore with this in this article, but if you do want to read about it, check out our thoughts on Innova vs Discraft.

A LOT of players have up and changed their sponsors, for a full list, check out the FULL 2019 Sponsorship Player Tracker from the guys and gals at Ultiworld.

Impressively, Zackeriath Johnson has started the 2019 season sponsorless. He is officially on Team Me. He left Latitude64 at the end of 2018, he hasn’t written off signing a contract in the year but currently he is throwing a free bag just like the rest of us muggles who are also unsponsored and i’m sure a few people are going to be jealous of that. BRAVO Zackeriath, we wish you the best of luck.

One of my favourite dudes from the disc golf world and the new Discraft Team Captain, Paul Ulibarri, has declared he will be starting a new Podcast with himself and a dude called Brian, his touring partner, Brian Earheart! It will be called 'The Buzzz', it will be shaped around discussing the mentality of players as they progress through a tournament, what shots may be playing on their mind or the key shots that gave them momentum and the will be statistically analysing tournaments. We, here in the Ace Offices, CAN'T WAIT for this one, we are all about getting your head in the game! There aren’t any episodes out yet but we’ll let you know when there are.

Paige Bjerkaas is getting ready for life on the road in 2019 with her Dynamic Disc wrapped touring van!! It’s legit fitted with everything she needs for the competitions she’ll be competing in as well as a few tournaments and putting challenges that she’ll be organising herself! Sounds like an incredible 2019 plan, good luck to you Paige #mugsatsmuggs #teamjudge

The news that I personally love the most is the announcement of so much more content creation from some notable figures in the disc golf community, including Mr Ulibarri above. The Crush Boys, Eagle and Lizotte, have done a cracking job with their VLOGs over the off season period and I really hope they keep these up. Give a click on their names above to check out their channels.

Mr McBeast and Mrs McBeast (Also known as Paul McBeth and Hannah McBeth) have got on the VLOG wagon and it's a welcome addition to the growing Disc Golf content portfolio. They are currently only on episode one, but expect more as the season matures.



Paige Pierce and Alyssa Van Lanen have also created a new youtube series (it's contagious and I like it), something incredible that’s based off of their adventures away from the course. I recommend you check out their hard work and take it in. Their series is called the Disc Golf Tourist and naturally, you now know how this works, click on the link to get your peepers on their first few adventurous episodes.

My FAVOURITE piece of news comes in the form of the off season job that Sarah Hokom has been keeping herself busy with in the festive season. She has been putting up christmas lights for some side cash and I for one, think that’s the best festive job in the world!!

There was a plethora of news this off season but that was our favourite picks from here at the Ace Golf Offices. What was your favourite piece of off season news?

Let me know at bubba@acediscgolf.co.uk