Vote For Your 2020 Shots of the Year

We are being incredibly impatient in waiting for the DGPT tour to start at the end of February when the first putts are made at Las Vegas Challenge. If you are anything like us, you are biting at the bit to get watching some new coverage, well February is still so far away, so in the meantime, why don’t you check out Ultiworld's 2020 Shoots of The Year Awards.

Ultiworld has consolidated the 2020 seasons best shots for the public to vote on!! We are now on the finals where we are seeing the standout shots from the year BUT which one is your favourite??!!

Ultiworld has made it even easier by separating out Putts, Air Shots and Rollers. Get yourself voting and let us know who got your vote and why!

2020 Best Roller - Vote Here

The roller is an absolutely pro move, and they can put them DOWN!! There are four finalists ranging from Garret Gurthies 600+ft monster from the USDGC to Reid Frescura’s incredible scramble roller at the Music City Open. We respect the scramble, so that's why Reid Frescura has got our vote.

2020 Best Putt - Vote Here

Putts are all about the situation, what kind of pressure are you in, are you chasing, are you leading, is it the final putt of the round? And there is a great mixture of situations for the putt of the year!! You’ve got Hailey Kings death putt at the GMC on the 17th hole chasing down Paige Pierce. Wysocki, doing Wysocki things and absolutely chasing down the lead at Great Lakes Open. You’ve got Paul McBeth finishing his round off with an absolute mint throw in on the 18th at the MVP Open. There is Kevin Jones keeping his momentum after throwing in an insane birdie after shanking his tee shot left on the 15th at the GMC and finally, you’ve got Eric Oakleys CLUTCH birdie putt on the 18th at the DGPT Championships for a chance at getting into the finals and a chunk of that hefty $20k pay day.

This was the hardest for us here at Ace, but we we are backing Hailey King, Eric Oakley and Wysocki for clutching up when it meant the pressure was on.

2020 Best Air Shot - Vote Here

The Money Shot!!! The shots we all want to shoot. The big shots, the throw ins, the eagles, the skip shots!! There are some mainstay shots from the season, Eagle’s anny forehand throw in for Eagle at Idlewild, Simon’s Sky God throw in from The Preserve and even Reid Frescura’s infamous water skip shot at Jonesboro. We are voting for Eagle EVERY day here, that blind anny forehand shot was insane!!

Get yourself involved, who are you voting for?! Do you think the finals missed some of the more iconic shots from the year?! Who do you think will be throwing some epic shots in 2021?

Before we close up, thank you to all the incredible people at Ultiworld for all the amazing content they are putting out from the Upshot Podcast to their sponsorship tracker to all of their articles. Thank you, we are just reposting all their hardwork and wanted to take a paragraph to show our appreciation!

We can’t wait for The Las Vegas Challenge, until then Stay Awesome


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