Las Vegas Challenge 2019 - What Did You Miss?

The PDGA National Tour OFFICIALLY got underway this weekend and it did not disappoint!! If this event is anything to go by, 2019 is going to be an exceptional year for professional disc golf.

Let's get started with what you may of missed, there was an exceptional amount of coverage this weekend and it was spread out far and wide across the corners of the interwebs but don't worry ace chasers, we've summarised it for your viewing pleasure:


GET HYPED, JoMez are Packing!

One of the reason we got hyped for Las Vegas was to see the incredible return of the leaders in Disc Golf coverage, JoMezPro, BigSexy and the new (and I hope an addition that is staying) MadLisa commentary!! #TeamLandShark 

 JoMez hit our screens with bags of improvements, these were improvements we didn't even know we wanted but JoMez delivered!! Everybody on the above list has improved their coverage game but JoMez, in pure JoMez style, went above and beyond expectations.

"Eeeeer Laaaandshark!!" - Madison Walker 2019

Their biggest and best change in my opinion is the icons below the players name throughout the coverage, reminding us what the player shot on the last hole; which, for me at least, emphasises the importance of a birdie putt if the player has been in bogey town for a few holes. We all know this feeling and normally we'll shank that birdie putt like a normal human.

FPO was round by round FIRE!

It's not about the coverage though, we tune in to watch the players and they really gave us a first event of the season. In my opinion the FPO rounds were incredibly competitive and the better watch, with hot rounds being posted from 6 separate players including Sarah Hokom, Paige Berjkaas, Catrina Allen, Jessica Weese, Jennifer Allen and an impressive +1,000 final round for Vanessa Van Dyken.

Trust me, if you haven't, watch the coverage, you won't regret it.

The last round was taken to a playoff with Catrina Allen and Paige Berjkaas, and Berjkaas shows how much she has grown by sinking a very confident circle 2 birdie on the 1st hole of the playoff to take her first NT win!! Congratulations Paige, that won't be your last NT win.

MPO - Choke or A Great Win?

MPO was a bit of a snooze fest on the lead card with a lot of the action happening on the Chase and Third card coverages with hot rounds coming from Dustin Keegan, Nate Sexton, Anthony Barela, Calvin Heimburg and Eagle Mcmahon. Round 4 was a tight battle between Dustin Keegan and Calvin on the lead card, especially with Calvin losing form on the front 9 and Dustin canning 16 consecutive birdies but that wasn't enough to catch Calvin who found incredible form getting 8 birdies on the back nine and taking his first NT win.

Did Dustin Choke on the back nine or do you think Calvin had it in the bag? It's incredible to see the season getting kicked off by two young, bright players that have only just, in 2019, made the decision to tour full time.

It's unusual not to be talking about Paige Pierce, Paul McBeth or Ricky Wysocki being on the podium but they did seems to be busy on the off season. Paul seems to be getting to know his bag, Ricky is throwing a lot of moulds to see what fits his style and Paige's putting isn't quite clicking right now. We've got no doubt those three will back on winning form by the mid season but it's going to take them a while to warm up.

What's Next?

Las Vegas has blown us over with great Disc Golf, an ABUNDANCE of Platinum Grade coverage and it's got us very excited about the season ahead

The next event on the cards is The 2019 Memorial at the amazing and iconic Fountain Hills. This will be the first DGPT event with their new media plan. What do you guys think is going to happen? Are DGPT biting off more than they can chew? Or are they going to nail this first time? Do you even think we should be talking about coverage and it should be about the players?

I want to hear from you with all your thoughts, email me at

Get Pumped, Get Throwing

:+: Bubba

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