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We love JoMez.. We love AMA's! Obviously, the recent JoMez AMA made us squel a little with excitement. The AMA really highlighted just how great these guys are, how humble they are, how they really support disc golf and really only interested in growing the sport! 

If you haven't seen the AMA yet, we've got it at the end of the article. In the AMA we learn so much about the JoMez team, we go over our favourite answers.


How many people make up Team JoMez?

There are 6 in the Team -

  • Jon, Founder and Mr SlowMez himself
  • Michael, 1st team addition - Camera Man (Catch Cam), Editor and Followflight Magician
  • Jerry, 2nd team addition - Cameraman (Teepad) and Editor
  • Juan aka Overstable Studios, Graphics Designer and Creative Director
  • Chris, Merch Manager
  • Tyler, Backend Web Dev and Marketer


How did you get into video and who was your inspiration?

We here at the ACE offices, LOVE this one because it's our background too.

Skateboarding, when Jon wasn't skating with his friends, they were watching skateboard videos. This pushed Jon to get a little handycam and start making video's of his own. There was something about the process of shooting tricks, editing them and adding your own influence with music, this really struck a note and got him into making videos.

We went through the same journey and even made our own videos, we've slipped one in below.


How often do you get to play discgolf? Do you get to play courses in the tournament layout?

They make a point to make it out there two or three days early. Shoot the fly throughs and then play the course as it's very time consuming once they start filming, so they make the most of it prior to the tournament starting. 


If you could play tournaments more often, what would your rating be?

The guys are all super nice, Jerry and Jon call each other the best player and put each other around the 950 mark but Jon just straight out ratts on Michael by saying he's not even a PDGA member. Jon later reveals he met Big Jerm at a local competition where Jerm won MPO and Jon won MA1, so he's not too bad if he's winning comps in MA1.

The guys like a lot of European courses, Jon has a thing for Konopiste especially after he saw a real life hedgehog, it truly won him over. Jerry and Michael have a favourite course more because of the people, the number of spectators, the general atmosphere and feeling of a big competition there. Jerry's is The Beast in Nokia, Finland and Michaels is the GBO.


Whats your favourite SlowMez you've filmed?

Jerry and Jon seem to be great friends as Jerry liked filling in for Jon like this absolute nugget. 2017 at Idlewild, Gregg Barsby was lining up for an outside the circle putt. Jon was a stuck where he was, as when a player lines up for a putt, as a matter of courtesy the film maker can't move, so Jon was stuck on the side.

As he was lining up, he looked at Jon and said "Are you going to get into position?" Jon was a bit taken back, it's not normally something players do. Jon said "Wait, are you telling me where to stand?"

So Jon hurried into position and jokingly says "Gregg, you better make this!" and he CANS this incredible putt. Jon said, "I'm never going to hear the end of this" and as Gregg was running to get his disc he looks back at Jon and says "sloooooooowmeeeez.." - Such great banter.




Do you make any profit producing videos or is it mainly a labour of love?

We were super curious on just how JoMez manages this full time and it's from a HUGE amount of support. Support from the fans, support from manufacturers paying for coverage of their events, running final 9s, selling merchandise, youtube ad revenue, patreon. All of it adds up so they can continue doing what they are doing. 

JoMez bought their RV so they didn't have to fly anymore, they drive everywhere, to all corners of the US in their RV.

JoMez are growing with the sport, they started as a one man team and as the sport grows they are able to grow their technology, team and content. As with a lot of small businesses, any profit they do have is going straight back into the growth of JoMez.

If you look around in the sport of disc golf, you'll see a lot of people doing it as a labour of love, and that isn't different here with JoMez, and that was said eloquently by Jerry - "When I tell people I film disc golf for a living, they are always shock that I can make money off of that but I don't get hard cold cash, I get a lot of experiences, I get to see places I wouldn't normally see, meet people I wouldn't normally meet, it doesn't hit my account but it's an amazing journey."


Are you and CCDG cool or is there a little bit of rivalry?

We only know of one true rivalry in Disc Golf, is there really room for another!! JoMez doesn't think so, they declared their love for Central Coast. They've been watching CCDG forever, even before they were doing coverage. It's crazy to think that they were star struck when they met CCDG for the first time.

There is a huge competition factor between them and it only pushes both of them forward, after all competition breeds innovation. Amazingly this even translates to the Disc Golf course, when they play their Battle Royales, the rivalry is real.


What advice would you give to someone wanting to start filming local tournaments?

This advice just goes for anything you want to start, we love this advice, we live by this advice here at the ACE offices and it's JFDI. Just F****** Do It. This is JoMez's philosophy too, just go out there with a camera, get a few guys who want to throw, they don't have to be highly rated and just start capturing it.

Your first piece won't be a masterpiece but you've just got to do it, the more you do it, practice practice practice and you will see the quality will get better. Look over negative comments. Jon's first video had dubstep on it, he wasn't proud of it and look where he is now, sitting there with a team just short of 100,000 subs, but he just kept getting out there and getting it done.


Do you have any plans to provide live coverage for the bigger events in the future?

This question really made you realise that JoMez has such vision for the sport and they are really dedicated to post production current. They are just skimming the surface. They do say that live is great, but Smashboxx has got that world covered but they would sooner cover more cards and expand their post production, they want to continue making their production better. It sounds like JoMez has a lot left in the tank and it's all just starting. INCREDIBLE.


What does it mean to you guys to be so close to 100,000 subscribers?

I feel you need to watch the AMA for Jon's actual answer as it was put so humble, eloquent and honest. All you need to know is this is just the beginning and they don't expect to slow down.

I recommend you give the AMA a watch, there is so much more than what is in this blog. We all want to see JoMez to thrive, so if you can support them on Patreon, get some JoMez swag or at the very least keep watching their videos, throw them a like and get some interaction going on.



Where do you think JoMez is going to take Post Production coverage? We want to hear from you, email me at

:+: Bubba

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