Innova vs Discraft - Are the tides turning?

Discraft and Innova are the OG manufacturers in the disc golf game. Innova was founded in 1983 and Discraft in 1979 - They have both been pushing the sport forward for 30 years now and are two of the top Disc Golf companies in the industry right now.
For quite a few years Innova has been the industry leader. For someone new to the game more often than not, they'll be reaching out and grabbing Innova as their first discs to throw. There is a lot more information around Innova Discs, a lot more content showing what the different moulds do, you hear Innova moulds being thrown a lot in coverage. In my personal opinion, it was the most practical thing for me to build my bag around. The Ace Office went to the Reddit community to ask what they through and the majority of the Disc Golf community came back with Innova in their bag. I'm not saying it's not close but Innova were notably mentioned more.
In the 2018 off season Innova lost their star player Paul McBeth in a historic move after 12 years at Innova into a 4 year $1mil contract with Discraft. This has all the marks of Discraft making moves for a market share takeover and their actions since acquiring McBeast would really echo this, they've created huge hype over the McBeast tour series, we've seen adverts, promotions and a HUGE number of Discraft mail calls being posted. Compare this to Innova's they have signed 2 x world champion, Mr raptor legs himself, Ricky Wysocki and they've done nothing. No adverts, no tour discs, Ricky doesn't even know what is going in his bag. We ask you has Innova missed the hype-train?
Does Discraft have what it takes to bring it to Innova and claim back majority Market Share? In one or two years will a Reddit Shoutout bring back more Force, Buzzz and Luna responses or is it still going to be Thunderbirds, Rocs and Aviars?
Discraft knows it's not just the player but the marketing around that player and they have done a textbook job of this in the offseason and i'm pretty sure they are seeing some incredible return off their investment in such a short amount of time!!
BUT we here at the Ace offices feel Innova are waiting this out, riding the initial tsunami and are ready to unleash their own hype when the season has started and picked up traction. We feel they've let Discraft have their moment, we've seen Discmania (Innova) create their own demand for the CloudBreaker by only including it in a mystery box rather than selling it singularly. The CloudBreaker sold out in 9 minutes. Will we see them do some more demand creating magic with the Signature moulds for Ricky? What is Ricky going to throw? We are eager to know.
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Well Ace Chasers, we want to hear from you. Who are you backing in the Market Share battle that will be 2019? Do you see Discraft taking market share away from Innova or do you see Innova taking this back over the year? #LunaVSCloudbreaker #Round2-FIGHT
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