Discmania Original, Evolution and Active - New Discs, Plastic and Release Dates

Discmania have been building hype around a big announcement that was set to shake the world of Disc Golf. Pushing the boundaries and doing something no other disc golf company is doing.

Discmania didn't disappoint by announcing a huge collaboration with three different manufacturers to bring three separate product lines. They'll continue to work with Innova on Discmania's new Originals range, they will strike up two new partnerships with both Latititude64, Evolution and Yikum, Active.


Discmania Originals - Innova

This is your Discmania you know and love. Suitable for disc golfers of all levels, this line has over twenty moulds and five plastic blends. A new DD3 is coming in April as well as a new FD2 coming in May/June.

Discmania Evolution - Latitude64

Evolution is Discmania's new line of 'Quality Discs'. These discs will be available in three plastic blends:

  • Exo - Standard Plastic, Hard and Medium flexes
  • Neo - Premium Plastic, Semi Translucent
  • Lux - Premium Plastic, Solid


In 2019, Discmania will be releasing 4 discs in the Evolution Line:

  • Neo Instinct, Fairway Driver - April 2019
  • Neo Method, Mid Range - May 2019
  • Exo Link, Putter - June 2019
  • Neo Enigma, Distance Driver - July 2019


Discmania's primal run (first run) of these Evolution discs will solely be available in Discmania Orange and all have a special Evolution and Primal stamp. Later in 2019 all of the discs will be available in Sky Blue, Pink, Lime and White.

Evolution - Primal Run Discs


Discmania Active - Yikun 

The Discmania Active line will offer just one base level plastic. It is soft and grippy plastic that works in all weather conditions. Discmania are introducing a new, lower price point that has not been seen for disc golf retailers.

The line will see a putter, midrange, and multiple drivers released in spring 2019 coming in 3 basic colours, Pink, Blue and White.

  • Guardian Lion, Putter - March 2019
  • Spring Ox, Mid Range - March 2019
  • Fox Spirit, Fairway Driver - March 2019
  • Sun Crow, Driver - March 2019
  • Sea Serpent, Distance Driver - March 2019


What do you think of Discmania's new product lines? Are you keen to see what their new lines fly like? We want to hear your thoughts, send them through to bubba@acediscgolf.co.uk

:+: Bubba


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