Are You Playing Fantasy Disc Golf? We Are...

 We here at the ACE offices love a good pre event prediction, player discussion, form critique and a bit of rumour mill.. Doesn't everyone?

TL : DR - ACE and LDGC are running a free Disc Golf Fantasy League for you, filled with prizes and an optional £10 buy in. If you want in just sign up to, enter code QWAY and start picking your players and earning points before The DGPT Memorial.

ACE and our friends at the London Disc Golf Community have created a join-able Disc Golf Fantasy League on to increase the banter and speculation going on around the office and we want you all to be part of this too.

The league will be following the PDGA National Tour Events, PDGA Majors, The DGPT and some great A-Tiers. The League will be starting with the DGPT Memorial Championship, your player picks need to be in by the 27th of February.


Paul Ulibarri Putting Out


Do you wanna know how to be part of our fantasy league??

OF COURSE YOU DO.. It's nice and easy, here's a step by step of how to get involved:

  1. Sign up to (you can sign up using Facebook or register with your own email)
  2. Click on 'Leagues' and then 'Join League', in the menu
  3. Enter code QWAY
  4. Grab a brew and get picking, because that's literally it

Are there any rules?

It's super simple and the rules are easy, you get to pick 4 MPO players and 2 FPO players for EACH event in the season, you have a salary cap (accumulative ratings of all your picks) of 6,000 rating points. On top of this you have both a MPO and FPO alternative pick (outside of your salary cap). The player you pick for you alternative cannot have a rating exceeding the lowest rating of your main of picks.

In MPO, if your pick places in the top 50, your pick will gain you points, if they place in 61st or above then they will cost you points.

In FPO, if you pick places in the top 9, your pick will gain you points. If your pick places 10th or above then they will cost you points.

All of your picks will gain or cost you points over the whole season and at the end the person with the most points will be crowned the FIRST Ace and LDGC Disc Golf Fantasy League Champion.


 But Why, Bubba, Why Should I Join? The Disc Golf Fantasy League Doubter 

I know, I know.. Soooo WHY should you join THIS league, I hear you cry?? Well, it's completely free, it's a GREAT way to be more involved with the Disc Golf season, follow your favourite Pro Players, up the anti by paying into the Cash Prize Pool and there is a large chance of winning some ACE and LDGC prizes.

What about the CASH PRIZE, Bubba? 

If you want to REALLY raise the anti then you can buy in to the cash pool. It's a £10.00 buy in and the pool will be split over the top 3 of people who bought in. The total pot will be split at the end of the season as 1st 50%, 2nd 30%, 3rd 20% 

To buy in, just send me an email

I look forward to crushing it with you this Season.

EDIT 21/02/19 10:59am - TINY disclaimer, we will be offering free shipping to prize winners within the UK, prize winners outside of the UK, shipping will be extra. 

:+: Bubba

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