ACE Recap - The 2019 Memorial

There was a huge buzz around the office this weekend as The 2019 Memorial got underway and we were pumped to see who gets the first load of bragging rights in the ACE and LDGC Fantasy League. SPOILER ALERT, it's me.. I'm boasting whilst I'm ahead.

There have been more than 30 years of the Bob West Memorial Championships, the name change came in 2002. The Memorial has had a history with being played at both Fountain Hills, with it's iconic 75 foot fountain and Vista Del Camino also know as The Shellye Sharpe Memorial Course but the tournament has only finished on Vista Del Camino in the past couple of years.

Thank you to Steve Kornmuller, our local disc golf guru, for fleshing this out with a brief look into the history of the Bob West Memorial and we look forward to hearing more about Bob West's and Shellye Sharp's contribution to Disc Golf and you bet we will be making a post about those two and their contributions.

We'd love to know the history of all the event's we write about, if you have any contributions you'd like to add, please do email me at

We are going to be focusing on the results BUT DON'T YOU WORRY, you'll have a chance to talk to us about DGPT's execution of the weekend in our next article #bedsheetgate!! If you've already worn out your pitch forks and keyboards, you can always send us a voice clip because we really want to hear from you on what you think about DGPT's first weekend rolling out their media plan. 


I'm going straight into it, here are my MPO picks:

  • Eagle (Finished 1st)
  • Lizotte (Finished 2nd)
  • Philo B (Finished 11th)
  • Barela (Finished 21st)
  • Alt: Steve Rico (Finished 41st)

It's great to see the crush boys finish 1st & 2nd! It's really great to see their off season practice has obviously paid off, it's very odd not to see Wysocki or McBeth dominate in the lead card coverage but I do guess that is going to be a big challenge when you've just changed your disc sponsor for a new season, Wysocki and McBeth bagged a joint 4th place.

Barela can come out hot, my dude can be on fire one day but then be fyre festival the day after!! I think by the end of this season with some more experience we'll be seeing a lot more fire than fyre from AB. For now, I think i'm going to leave him off my picks although, I feel i'm going to regret this.

If you were impressed with Eagle's and Lizotte's performance and wanted to throw some of their sexy discs, maybe a Swirly Sky God II, a Glow Crescent Falcon 2 or the sexiest Swirliest Doom Bird II (as shown below) then look no further, we've got some in store now.


 Bubba's FPO Picks

  • Rebecca Cox
  • Paige Berjkaas
  • Alt: Van Van Dyken

I've always seen Rebecca Cox as a contender and it is great to see her within reach of the podium, great pick and happy to see here placing high! This won't be the last time you see me pick Rebecca Cox this season.

The true stand out star didn't appear on my FPO picks, I mean who saw Eveliina taking top spot on the podium in her FIRST DGPT event? She shot an INCREDIBLE 1015 rated round to finish on, I knew she was good but that was impressive, she has a big arm and I'm sure you are all with us here, at the ACE Offices, when we say it's GREAT to see Europe being represented on both the MPO and FPO podiums this weekend!

Eveliina was absolutely bombing her Shryke with pin point accuracy this weekend, if you wanna throw just like Eveliina then you are in luck, we have just got two xxl stamp star Shryke's in store. 


Fantasy League Standings - Week 1

It is ALL to play for here at the ACE and LDGC Fantasy Disc Golf League. With 19 event's left, it sounds very obvious to say it's all to play for!!

Now we see the Memorial is all done and tied up we look forward to Waco on March 14th.

Standing Week 1

Find out my picks this week in the latest Bubba's Pick post, we want to hear your smack talk, email me at or comment on the facebook post.

Is anyone picking Eveliina for the win?? Do you think Wysocki or McBeth will find last season form in the next few events or you think it's going to take a while longer?? Anyone backing Paige Pierce after her latest performances??

We feel like the league needs some new entrants, if you got some friends into Disc Golf, get them in the league or if you haven't joined already, it's super easy.

  • Go to and signup if you haven't already
  • Click League and Join League from the top bar
  • Enter QWAY as a code to join the ACE and LDGC Fantasy League

Get Pumped and Go Throw

:+: Bubba

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