2019 JoMez Video Coverage Release Schedule

JoMez 2019 Schedule


I'm not sure about everyone else, but i’m ready for the 2019 disc golf season to start and what better way to get going than to clear my schedule to make way for all of the upcoming 2019 JoMez content!!

They’ve released their video coverage plan and it comes with top tier events, new courses, new tournaments and no doubt new players. The best news is that Jonathon Gomez confirmed Big Sexy will be back in the commentary booth whilst on the PDGA podcast.


"It's me, Sexy or as my mom might call me, Nathan" - Nate Sexton


It’s great to see JoMez's action packed season on paper. It was no big secret that the Disc Golf Pro Tour (DGPT) took the decision to take all of it’s MPO, FPO lead and chase card post produced coverage in house for the 2019 season. It came as a shock but it won’t be long till we see the spoils of Steve Dodge’s odd off-season decision.

JoMez are bouncing back by covering all of the PDGA National Tour and PDGA Major Events in 2019, these are the events we’ve become so used to JoMez covering. Featuring all of our favourite pro’s and the tight, tense competition. Mixed in with the PDGA Premium events JoMez will be shining light on a handful of big A-Tier events. We hope the A-Tiers won't dilute the premium action we have come accustomed too in the 2018 series! I do know one thing is for sure, that we are pumped to be supporting JoMez through another exciting disc golf season. 

The Las Vegas Challenge is fast approaching, with fresh rivalries who do you want to take home the first win of the 2019 season? Who do you think has what it takes to make a the first move? Who do you think will battle it out up the home stretch? It’s a stacked field with a lot of to prove.

Send me your predictions to bubba@acediscgolf.co.uk

 :+: Bubba

You wanna see if your favourite pro will be turning up to the events JoMez are covering? Then click the events below:




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